MG21 in the News

MG21 expands with middle school campus

By Kevin Passon | Sep 3, 2019

Monona Grove School District officials gathered Aug. 28 for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the expansion of MG21, the Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School for the 21st Century.

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MG21 enjoying largest freshman class ever

By Kevin Passon | Dec 27, 2018

Members of the Monona Grove School Board were nothing but impressed and awed at the 2017-18 annual report issued by the Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School for the 21st Century (MG21).

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MG21 students receive MLK Outstanding Young Person Award

By Cooper Hamil | Feb 8, 2018

Two students from MG21, Kirsten-Mari Colstad and Louis Couture, received the Madison Urban League’s MLK Outstanding Young Person Award last month.

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MG21 grads credit school staff for their successes

By Kevin Passon | Jun 7, 2018

High school and the teen years can be tough for students, and while most can weather the storm of the tumultuous times, others need something extra for them to shine through the dark clouds.

For 12 students, they found MG21, the Monona Grove School District’s charter school.

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MG21 charter school fulfills needs for students

By Kevin Passon | Apr 10, 2015

It’s been almost five years since the MG21 charter school was created in the Monona Grove School District, yet some residents are still unaware of the school, its offerings and its purpose.

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