MG21: Who We Are

What is MG21?
Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School for the 21st Century is a charter school for 9-12 grade students who are looking for a smaller educational community.
We have developed a systematic approach to education that views each student as a “whole person,” whose needs must be met and reflected within a curriculum that is student-centered. The ultimate purpose of education, from our view, is to teach students to ask and answer the question: “How do I want to live my life?”

Why is MG21 a charter school?

1. Flexibility: Allows us to create the best possible program for our students.

2. Innovation: MG21 offers a very different curriculum, and educational community than the Monona Grove High School based upon the research based models of PBL and 21st Century skills. MG21 ties its curriculum to a professional, student centered work environment.

3. Responsiveness: Allows us to respond to student interests, skills, and needs.

4. Autonomy: Allows us to control our program directly.

Our Staff

Rebecca Fox-Blair: 316-1924 Executive director and teacher, Rebecca has a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and teacher certification from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has been a teacher for over twenty five years here with the Monona Grove Schools and with Oregon High School. She is certified in history, broad field social studies, charter … Continue reading Our Staff

A Day in the Life

*Our Curriculum. *Check out this article about our school. Our school is set up so that each student has their own workspace and computer, similar to an office environment. 8:45-9:00 Arrive. Kitchen open for students to make or purchase breakfast, get coffee etc. 9:00 School begins. We start our day gathered together for a morning … Continue reading A Day in the Life

The Tools: 21st Century Skills

21st Century skills and the competencies and dispositions necessary for their acquisition, permeate our curriculum. The overall goal is to tie the student’s path and education to their ability to master the 21st century skills of: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Collaboration Communication Curiosity and Imagination Commitment and Motivation Our process: The MG21 educational process … Continue reading The Tools: 21st Century Skills

MG21 Governance Board

MG21 Governance Board Contact Information: MG21 Governance Board Agenda & Minutes President: Denise Peterson Denise is a native of California who left a career in the criminal justice system for a career in education. Denise worked in a Montessori program in Appleton before relocating with her husband and two daughters to the Madison area where … Continue reading MG21 Governance Board