Our Philosophy

The Path: The Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School for the 21st Century (MG21)
strives to provide our students with the skills they will need as they walk their path in life.

Our Curriculum

Our students build their own schedules based on what they want to study and what they need to graduate.  They select from the following “building blocks.”  We enact these goals by creating a program with two distinct parts: (1) Teacher led TIC classes (Thematically Integrated Curriculum)  are teacher directed and student centered.  This is an … Continue reading Our Curriculum

Charter Schools

What is a Charter School? Charter schools are NOT voucher schools or private schools. “Charter schools are public, nonsectarian schools created through a businesslike contract or “charter” between the operators and the sponsoring school board or other chartering authority. The Wisconsin charter school law gives charter schools freedom from most state rules and regulations in … Continue reading Charter Schools

Our Mission and Pillars

What makes MG21 unique? Our Unifying Principle: To teach students to ask and answer the question: “How do I want to live my life?” Our Mission: To provide a student centered educational community for independent learners which is designed to give students the skills they need to walk their path in life. Our Student and School … Continue reading Our Mission and Pillars