Parent Testimonials

“I KNOW THAT IF IT WASN’T FOR MG21, BOTH MY CHILDREN WOULD NOT BE THE GREAT PEOPLE THEY ARE TODAY. Both were not going to make it through high school, they pretty much had given up. Now they don’t give up on anything, they think things through, and have learned to pick their path that’s best for them. And for this, I thank you.” -MG21 Parent

“I would highly recommend MG21 to any student whose learning style doesn’t match the traditional setting.” -MG21 Parent

“I’m so very glad that MG21 is available. The teachers are great, easy to talk to.” -MG21 Parent

“ So very glad that our son has this opportunity; we only wish we’d gotten him involved sooner.”-MG21 Parent

“It definitely was a game changer for my child. We are very thankful that we have this great option in our district. Thank you MG21!” -MG21 Parent

“My son had his best senior high school year at this school. He always was ready to go to school and excited to attend each new day compared to his old high school!! Made a huge difference and appreciate the staff tremendously for their support!!” -MG21 Parent

“I know my son has been happy about going to school now a lot more than he had in a very long time. This tells me they are not just teaching them but making it an enjoyable place to be at which helps keeps kids stay in school so they graduate. I think they are doing a great job at this school. I sure wish when I was in high school there was a MG21 way back in the 1980s.” -MG21 Parent